The primary focus of Pfc Essences has been to delight the end users. In order to achieve this goal the company has always kept pace with the ever changing needs of the end users, hence in doing so the Research and innovation in products has been of primary importance to the company.

Our Research and development department keeps pace with the developments taking place in the aromatic chemicals industry which helps us in incorporating the latest and most upto date raw materials into our product and creating the best possible product.

pfc Essences has a state of the art research and development lab to process the rapidly changing trends of the industry. The use of new and innovative ideas in developing flavors has helped the company a great deal in formulating a broad product profile.





Welcom To Your Land of Flavours.


It all started from a small perfumery in pre-partition Pakistan where our forefathers experimented with essential oils to create scents that enticed the senses. The passion that possessed them passed down from one generation to another and began channeling through various mediums. Today, PFC not only creates fragrances, it also manufactures flavors, food coloring agents and essences.